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Windows XP 64bit based on AMD design?!

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by c1tadel, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. Converseahorse

    Converseahorse Junior Member

    Feb 8, 2004
    Hello boys and girls.
    I've had my head in the sand for a while so forgive please if the following is a bit of a no brainer:
    Am I to understand that the current release is for Intel users and the upcomming release is for the AMD crowd?
    A few months back I went with a system sporting the AMD64, boy was I peeved when I saw the 64FX for it is DV I be mostly dealing with! Anyhow I took a gamble and figured the support would proliferate fairly rapidly, perhaps a year or so. The flip side of that was to go for a cheaper (32bit) solution for now and upgrade in 2-3yrs, getting a faster chip for even money. Ever since I've been nail biting wondering if I had made the right move. Anyone got an idea of a final release date; are we talking Summer '04 or '06!?
    Also two things now concern me.
    a) will the upgrade only be availible from an OEM
    b) will the upgrade be an upgrade? That is to say as with the intel version will it only be available as a 'Full version?

    Oh by the by my two cent (€ :p ) on AMD:
    I had a 8088, a 186 (yes, one of the few), 286, 386 and then I woke up to the AMD K6 333...never looked back. I've used other Intel systems up to 3.2Ghz and well to put it mathematically AMD > Intel

    Down with x86!!
  2. BSchwarz

    BSchwarz Guest

    The upgrade will be available to anyone. You can download the public beta of XP 64. Check out MS site.
    There will be only one version of XP x86/64. Intel will have to follow AMD standards or be without an OS if they introduce something different.
    There is already a 64bit XP, but, it is for the Intel Itanium. That is a true 64bit processor, not based on x86.
    Not to worry your system will not become obsolete when the giant releases their x86/64 chip.

    The final release will be sometime this year. My bet is you'll see XP x86/64 be released shortly after Intel releases their chip which will be second quarter this year.
    Longhorn is the OS for 2006.

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