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WinExplorer > Opening folders, not files, on single-click

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by RonBiggs, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. RonBiggs

    RonBiggs Guest

    I read through the post about opening folders in Win Explorer, but I have a
    slightly different problem I'm trying to solve.

    In XP --- somehow --- I have it ideally set where I can expand folders in
    the left Panel with a single click, but to open a file I dbl-click.

    In Vista however, the process is reversed where the folders in the left
    Panel do not expand, but the do in the right Panel on sgl-click. That's not
    so much a problem except that I cannot select a file in the right Panel
    without that file opening.

    So, ideally this is how I'd like to configure WinExplorer that I can't
    figure out:
    -Left Panel: sgl-click to expand folders.
    -Right Panel
    a) sgl-click to expand folders
    [​IMG] dbl-click to open single files.

    Is this possible?

    thanks for any help, direction, or advice!

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