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Windows Home Server Software

Discussion in 'Windows Home Server' started by Dalo Harkin, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Dalo Harkin

    Dalo Harkin Registered Members

    Apr 24, 2009
    Stockport near Manchester
    Operating System:
    Windows 7
    Computer Brand or Motherboard:
    ASUS - are there any others worth buying?
    Q6600 at 4.0Ghz per core (Watercooled)
    OCZ PC8500 4x1GB sticks
    Hard Drive:
    Samsung - all the way
    Graphics Card:
    XFX 260GTX rev 1
    Power Supply:
    Seasonic 600Watt
    Hi all,

    As we have now added Windows Home Server into our list of operating systems for us to help you with I thought I would add some of my own knowlegde as a guidance for people who are considering using the software or even what the software is for.

    Windows Home Server comes in 2 variants the older WHS V1 which was based on server 2003
    I wont go too deeply into this one because it is being phased out of support by M$ as XP is.

    Windows Home Server 2 'Vail'
    This is microsofts flagship Home Server software based upon the Server 2008 software

    The 1 main difference other than the added features of native SATA support in 2008 is that WHS V1 had a very good feature called drive extender which basically pooled lots of smaller drives into one mass storage space. For example if you had 5x 500GB disks attached the OS would see them pooled as a 2.5TB hard drive which you can then add all your data to.

    The software itself has very small requirements in order to run, so if you have an old PC sat around the chances are it can be used for WHS

    The main benefits are that you get all the PCs attached to the network backup up to the server (the WHS software supports 10 clients)
    You can create as many folders as you see fit (there are some standard ones such as Users, TV shows etc)

    You can access ALL your files that are on the server from any of the clients, the server is designed to be run headless so after installing the OS you can unplug everything such as the keyboard, mouse, monitor and just leave an Ethernet connected (the server cannot be wireless)

    You log into the server via a tray icon that gets installed to each client and it is from here you can access the files and folders from the server, you can also run dashboard which is the administration side of accessing the server. With dashboard you can control what files and folders users see/ can access. edit/set backups for each of the clients (by schedule if needed, or just when the PC is on)

    Within WHS 2011 It does not have drive extender, this has caused major contraversey within the WHS community

    I know the information above is somewhat scattered about, but if anyone has any questions please ask.....

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