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What Do With Old Computers

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Hardware' started by BGBG, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. BGBG

    BGBG Registered Members

    Dec 11, 2014
    Operating System:
    Windows 7
    I have 1998 desktop and monitor (2) with W98se, a computer that came with a security system and 6 years used & recycled before I bought it, an XP desktop with a CRT monitor and a newer LCD monitor, and 3 laptops in current use...Gateway 7320GZ with XP home, Dell Inspiron M5040 with windows 7, and a newest ASUS laptop with Windows 10.
    The 3 laptops are in current use and will likely work as long as I need them. But the others though likely work, are never needed nor used.
    I was wondering what to do with them, as I am getting older and less likely to even try to use the older desktops and will probably just use the current laptops as long as possible and if do need another buy a new one.
    I doubt if 4 older desktops are worth much and likely not saleable and was wondering what best way to dispose of them when I am ready. Either donate them somewhere or give them to a place like Best Buy or Staples to recycle them. What is best thing for older people to do with older out of date computers even if they work and are in good condition?
    Just curious and thought I would ask. thanks for any ideas or suggestions. No immediate rush or need but was thinking about what I would do with them.
  2. Tony D

    Tony D Administrator Administrator

    Sep 25, 2009
    SE Pennsylvania, USA
    Operating System:
    Windows XP Professional
    No one will take your CRT monitor as a donation. You may have to pay to have it taken away by your hauler.

    I doubt anyone will take the W98 computer so send it to Best Buy or Staples.

    You may be able to donate the XP machine somewhere because it can be loaded with Linux. That'll give it a new life.

    Check out Team Children (http://www.teamchildren.org/). They're a very good organization. They refurbish computers and sell them to needy families cheap. They also take in teenagers and show them how to work on computers. They are in Audubon, PA. It's a bit of a drive for you but you may be in the area anyway.

    If you have personal information on the computers, consider removing the hard drives.
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