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Video Card Issues Causing Start Up Problems?

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Akarevaar, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Akarevaar


    Nov 6, 2018
    Operating System:
    Windows 10
    Hello all,

    I’m having some trouble with being unable to start my computer normally. Last night I left it running, and came back to find it had presumably crashed and restarted (as it was at the select account screen and all programs I had open had closed.) I thought nothing of it, and turned it off as normal when I was finished. When I tried to turn it on the next morning, I started to have issues.

    Firstly, the monitor wouldn’t work. The screen simply remained black and the computer made a persistent beeping noise. I’ve had this issue before, and it’s fixed by simply plugging out the monitor and plugging it in again, and switching the HDMI cable from one slot to the other on the computers end. After this, I got it to start up, but got a message that the ‘Previous Overclocking Had Failed’. It still started, so I didn’t think too much of it again. I should mention I don’t even really understand what overclocking is, have never even tried to do it, and have never messed around with any type of weird setting in the BIOS.

    I was able to use my computer normally for about ten minutes before it froze entirely. It was unresponsive to anything, so my only choice was to press and hold down the power button until it turned off. When I turned it on again, I found that it freezes on the ‘ALIENWARE’ screen and does not get any further than that. I restarted it a couple of times and eventually got to the blue windows repair screen. So far, none of the options there have been much help to me.

    I have had this exact issue before, and was able to ‘fix’ it by resetting windows. This is much less than ideal, as I lost all of my installed apps, including over a terabyte or installed games. My internet isn’t the best, and it takes forever to reinstall everything and get my PC how I like it again.

    Recently, I’ve figured out how to fix this. It involves starting my computer in safe mode and reinstalling the graphics cards drivers. Because of this, I strongly suspect that this is some kind of issue with my graphics cards (SLI, GeForce 960).

    I know how to fix it now, but it’s more of a bandaid measure. This happens, usually, at least once per day. It is very annoying to have to restart my computer, switch where the HDMI is plugged in, boot in safe mode and reinstall the graphics card drivers on a daily basis.

    I should mention that the computer is second hand, so while I never did any sort of overclocking it’s possible that the guy who owned it before me did.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Rustys

    Rustys Super-Moderator Super Moderators

    Feb 29, 2016
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    Yes since there is no way of telling what a previous owner has done to the system. They may have even made an attempt to over clock the system and did not do it correctly.

    Was Windows 10 the original install or an upgrade (if you know).

    Since you stated that it is an Alienware system they do over clock some of their systems at the factory.

    Turning off letting windows update device drivers may help with this.

    Click Start
    Scroll to and click Windows System
    Select Control Panel
    On the top right click View By and make Large or Small Icons
    Now select System
    From the left side select Advanced System Setting
    Now select the Hardware Tab
    Select the Device Installation Settings
    Put the button in No
    Select Save Changes
    Select OK
    Reboot (you may not have to just prefer for changes to take affect)
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