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Tutorial Submission guidelines

Discussion in 'Tutorial Submissions' started by CHF Staff, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. CHF Staff

    CHF Staff CHF Staff Super Moderators

    May 26, 2016
    Members can submit a tutorial for inclusion in the main Tutorial section.
    The following guidelines will explain the procedure.

    Guidelines for submitting a tutorial.
    • Any Tutorial has to be submitted to the Submissions forum for staff evaluation.
    • No Tutorial can be posted anywhere on this site without going through this process. ( any tutorials posted elsewhere will be removed )
    • All tutorials must be submitted in their own thread. (Don't post a tutorial in anyone elses thread or it will be removed)
    • All information should be clear and concise with step by step instructions.
    • All information must be worded in such a way that a complete novice can understand it. (Remember the purpose of this site is for people to be able to get technology help in layman terms)
    • All tutorials should be grammatically correct and spell checked.
    • If posting screenshots, please don't make them too large.

    All Tutorials submitted will be checked by staff members before being allowed inclusion in the main tutorial lists.
    If the staff require any alterations to be done to your tutorial you will be advised and asked to submit a re-worked version ( in the same thread) before a final exceptance.

    The staff here at CHF don't want to appear harsh with these guidelines, but we do feel that a certain set of criteria is adhered to for the sake of members reading or following your tutorial.

    Once you have submitted your tutorial it'll be moved from view until the staff have made a decision on it's inclusion.
    Your tutorial will be moved back once a decision has been made.
    All staff decisions are final and not open to debate.

    Thank you.
    We look forward to your submissions.
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