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Read Me The Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements and Rules' started by BeeCeeBee, May 12, 2009.

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  1. BeeCeeBee


    Apr 20, 2009
    New Jersey "Stronger than the Storm"
    Operating System:
    Windows 7
    (We Wish We Didn’t Need Them, But We Do)

    By Registering with Computer Help Forms Members agree to abide by forum policy. The following guidelines are in place to help ensure a positive forum experience for everyone.

    PLEASE NOTE: Forum Administration reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary to protect the well being of Computer Help Forums and its members. Any member who may feel aggrieved by any action taken should contact an Administrator or Super Moderator by Private Message or email to the forum. All requests for review will be taken seriously.

    MEMBERSHIP: Posters are entitled to one free membership and having more than one posting membership is strictly forbidden and if found will be removed. While it is allowed to have a reasonable signature here, it is not reasonable to advertise your business in your signature so such signatures will be removed as well. Information in your signature should not be derogatory or offensive and any deemed such will be removed. Anyone joining the forum must list their legitimate birthday and anyone found not doing so will have their user removed from CHF. And finally anyone misrepresenting their identity from the forum will also be removed as found.

    BEHAVIOR: While debate and discussion is acceptable, personal attacks, rudeness or insults to other members or CHF staff is strictly forbidden and will be dealt with by post deletion and infractions to the poster. Over frequent harassing of any members will end in banning the offender. This applies to the public areas of CHF as well as in private messages, email, chat or any other messaging methods utilized by CHF or its members.

    SPAM: (We all know it when we see it.) Spam in any form is forbidden.
    Any spam posted in a thread, a private message, or signature will be removed and the Member posting the spam will be banned from the forums without notice.

    Posting references to software being used by any member in the course of solving a problem will not be considered spam so long as it is not malicious or harmful, or is not there to promote profit or gain for the poster. To be clear, references to for profit software being posted for commercial purposes will be deemed spam and deleted and again there may be consequences for the poster.

    References to software known by the staff to have harmful effects to a user's system will be removed and disciplinary may action taken if it was obvious the intent was malicious.

    Posting a link to another forum if it helps us solve the issues a user is having, or has documented help elsewhere already is perfectly acceptable. Posting a link to another forum as a suggestion for CHF members to go there is strictly forbidden except in a case where the staff may feel it is helpful and that can really only happen in the case of a New or Added forum to CHF where the purpose may be to gain support elsewhere.

    SOFTWARE RECOMMENDATIONS: Members may not post recommendations for any software unless and until they have had at least 10 posts in other areas of the forums. Software recommendations deemed unsafe by any member of staff may be removed for the protection of our members. Nothing in this rule should be construed as limiting any member from posting software issues or problems at any time nor should it be construed as limiting any member’s ability to post a software solution in a reply to a post as long as it is posted for the purpose of resolving a members posted issue or problem.

    Computer Help Forums takes the position that some valid programs are considered unsafe for use can often be the cause of additional problems for even experienced members. These include registry cleaners and system optimizers. Staff reserves the right to edit any such recommendation to include such a warning. Any such edit will show clearly on the member's post and advice should be sent to the poster by PM when such actions are taken.

    RESPECT/DECENCY: Members will treat other members and staff with respect and decency. Foul language, insults, name-calling, racial and derogatory comments, sexist comments, threats of harm, and general disrespect are forbidden. Any such comments or remarks in posts, private messages, and signatures will be removed and disciplinary action taken.

    P2P POLICY: Computer Help Forum will not give any advice regarding the use of Peer-to-Peer programs or any software or files obtained through the use of such programs. We will, however, help you undo the damage it may have caused and help you remove P2P or torrent software from your computer.

    PIRATED OR ILLEGAL SOFTWARE: Questions or information regarding pirated software, hacks, rips, pornography, or any and all illegal software will be removed and disciplinary action may be taken, and absolutely no help will be given to any poster who admits ownership of such material. And so that we are clear, no help will be given to any poster involved in the pursuit of any type of illegal Activity .

    PASSWORD ISSUES: Under no circumstances is anyone to request help in circumventing password protected hardware, software, or files. We have no way of knowing who legally owns the product and would prefer not to have to offend any member by refusing help. So please, spare yourself and Computer Help Forum the embarrassment and just don’t ask for such help.

    COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT/ PLAGIARISM: Copyright laws are tricky at best, and cover such things as music, written works, photos, etc. Computer Help Forums will not assist in potential infringement of copyright laws. This will be determined by the staff of Computer Help Forums, on a case-by-case basis, as there are different laws regarding different media. Decisions made by staff are final.

    For the purpose of this rule any form of plagiarism is unacceptable. If you are posting verbatim from another source (or paraphrasing to the point that it could be seen as plagiarism) you must give appropriate recognition to the original author or publisher.

    HIJACKING THREADS: Always post your problems and issues on a new thread. Adding to a thread already started by another is called "Hijacking" and is forbidden. It isn't fair to the original poster and it would not be fair to you seeking help either. Besides while you may think you have the same problem the odds are it is not exactly the same.

    POSTING RULES: As a member you are allowed to start your own thread for help with your computer issues. Please do so in order to receive the best possible solution, rather than posting in someone else's thread. Similarly, do not double post the same issue in different threads or forums, you will be running the risk of having both posts removed or merged into one. Please also when posting try to not make multiple posts on the same subject in the same thread as that only serves to either intimidate the user or at the very least confuse them. Be concise and to the point and stay on topic in the thread as to not do so may easily deprive the original user of the help they need. There are many forums out there users can join and the ones that most people will remain with have courteous helpful users who stay on point and solve their issues in the least amount of time. If you do not know the answer to the issue requested please stay out of the thread.


    Because this is a very specialized forum there are specific restrictions on posting:

    • Any member may start a thread or topic in this forum.
    • Only the Original Poster and Staff may add a reply.
    • Reply to the Original Poster is reserved for our Malware Removal Specialists subject to moderation by all staff.
    • Staff postings by anyone other than Malware Removal Specialist are generally only for helping a member follow a specialist's instructions or for moderation purposes.

    USE OF PRIVATE MESSAGES: Staff members will not answer technical questions posed by way of Private Message, email or messenger. Technical issues should be posted in the appropriate forum. The whole purpose of a public forum is to enable everyone to share in the wealth of information, not for private tutelage.

    DISCLAIMER AND OTHER LEGAL STUFF: Information and advice posted on Computer Help Forums is done so by members acting on their own behalf. This also applies to any member designated as either “staff” or “adviser”. Staff members are responsible for the smooth operation of Computer Help Forums. Posting advice is not a staff responsibility and any posts made are done so in his/her individual capacity as a member. Members are responsible for the content of their own posts.

    Failure of any software recommended or referenced in any post is the responsibility of the owner and/or publisher of any such software.

    Computer Help Forums accepts no liability for any damages alleged to have arisen from any misstatement, inaccuracy, misinformation or just plain “bad” advice posted by any member. We will, however, attempt to minimize the potential for harm by reviewing member posts to the extent that it is practical.

    Subject to this disclaimer, all posts contained within the forum are deemed to be the intellectual property of Computer Help Forums.

    Anyone, other than the original author, who copies or paraphrases (either in whole or in part) a post contained within this forum for any purpose other then personal use without giving full and complete credit to Computer Help Forums (including a direct link where appropriate) shall be considered to be in violation of these rules and may be banned from membership or otherwise subject to sanctions.

    Rule enforcement is not why any of us are here so, please, just treat your fellow members and this forum the way you would like to be treated and we will all be just fine.
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