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Phone Dialer

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by biferi, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. biferi

    biferi Registered Members

    Mar 4, 2016
    Operating System:
    Windows 7
    I have an Android Tablet and I got the Phone Dialer so I can make Calls though my Router.

    I am going to get the RCA Win10 Tablet and I wanted to know does it have a Phone Dialer Built in or do I have to get it from the MS Store?

    I love how I could make calls from my Tablet and it would use my Router and go through the Internet.

    Thanks for the time.
  2. Tony D

    Tony D Super-Moderator Super Moderators

    Sep 25, 2009
    SE Pennsylvania, USA
    Operating System:
    Windows XP Professional
    Looks like W10 Mobile comes with the dialer


    Dial a phone number
    1. On Start , select Phone .
    2. Select Dial pad > enter a phone number > Call .
    3. When you're done talking, select End call to hang up.
    Tip: If you're dialing a number for one of your contacts, select the name in the list that appears when you start dialing.

    Answer a call

    If your phone is locked when you get a call, slide up from the bottom of the screen, and then select Answer . If it's not locked, just select Answer .
    Sometimes, you might be busy and can't talk. Select Ignore to send the call right to voicemail, or select Text reply and text a response instead.
  3. plodr

    plodr CHF Advisor CHF Advisers

    May 31, 2017
    Operating System:
    Windows 7
  4. Rustys

    Rustys Super-Moderator Super Moderators

    Feb 29, 2016
    Operating System:
    Linux Based
    Computer Brand or Motherboard:
    Compaq H3900 (Windows 2002)
    Intel (R) PXA250
    64 MB RAM 48 MB ROM
    They also stated that they are getting a Tablet not a phone.

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