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Is my Computer infected or not?.... who can i ask?

Discussion in 'Is my Computer infected?' started by starbuck, Nov 10, 2015.

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  1. starbuck

    starbuck Administrator - Malware Removal Specialist Administrator

    Sep 26, 2009
    Midlands, UK
    Operating System:
    Windows 10
    AMD Athlon II x2 250 Processor 3.00GHz
    8gb DDR3
    Hard Drive:
    500gb SATA
    Graphics Card:
    ASUS GeForce GTX 960 2gb
    Power Supply:
    650w PowerCool X-Viper
    As a member you are allowed to interact with others that post in this area.
    Any advice given is subject to modification or removal by the moderating team.
    Moderation is done only in the case of members posting dangerous or invasive methods of malware removal.

    If it is determined that your problem is malware-related, experienced users can further determine if there is a simple solution such as running common or specific tools.
    If your problem is complex enough to need the help of our trained Malware Removal Specialists, your thread will be moved by one of the Moderating team to the Malware Removal Help forum.
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    Malware Removal Help forum rules then apply.

    Please keep any help given, simple and not too complicated.
    Not all members will be well versed in computers.

    Also step by step instructions should be included in replies rather than just advising to scan with this or that tool.

    Reports from the following tools are Not allowed to be posted in this forum, nor are they to be asked for:
    HiJackThis, DDS, OTL, RogueKiller, ComboFix, FRST (Farbar Recovery Scan Tool),
    or any Registry Cleaners.
    Custom scripts and batch files are not allowed either.

    Automated tools such as Online scans, MBAM, AdwCleaner etc can be used by members....
    also Information gathering tools such as: Mini Toolbox, etc can also be used.

    No reports that need to be analyzed (and a fix written) should be posted here..... these types of reports must be posted in the Malware Removal Help forum

    Other tools may be added to this list if the Moderating team see fit.

    All malware related logs should be posted in the Malware Removal Help forum.

    Please remember... Not all computer problems are malware related.
    Last edited: May 11, 2016
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