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How To: Win2008 Indexing Service to work with Win7 Libraries

Discussion in 'Windows Home Server' started by Christian Schratter, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Hi guys.

    I got here 2 computers at my hands - one is running Windows 2008 Server and
    the other (client) is running Windows 7. The server has a role set up as
    "file server", Windows Search 4.0 installed and shares one folder via the
    local network. The shared folder is mapped as network drive in Win7. When I
    try to add this shared folder to the new library list in Win7 I always end up
    with the error that

    "This network location can't be included because it is not indexed."

    Well, interestingly the particular folder shows up in the Included Locations
    list of the Indexing Options on the Win2008 Server (Control Panel -> Indexing
    Options). I already tried to change the index location, rebuild the index and
    also restore the index to its default settings in various differing sequences
    without any success to solve the issue.

    Anyone knows or has any suggestions where the problem could be?

    As a side note: I noticed that if I uncheck (disable) the box to index a
    folder via ...

    the Windows Explorer -> Right Click on the Folder -> Properties -> Advanced
    -> "Index this folder for faster searching"

    .... then this folder will still show up as marked BUT greyed out in the
    Indexing Options if I click the "Modify" button in the Indexing Options and
    then browse to the particular folder. When hovering over the greyed out,
    checked folder there's the message:
    Can't change this setting because you must first select the "Index this
    folder for faster searching" setting in Folder Properties Advanced Attributes

    BR, Chris

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