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How to insert image in a CHF Forum Post

Discussion in 'Notes For Members' started by DSTM (Dougie), Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. DSTM (Dougie)

    DSTM (Dougie) Registered Members

    May 3, 2009
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    Windows 7

    How to Insert an Image in a CHF Forum Post.

    Notes. Computer Help Forums accepts images in JPEG, JPG, GIF & PNG formats.

    This Tutorial will be in two sections.

    Section “A” shows you one way to resize an Image suitable for most web sites.

    Section “B" shows how to insert that resized image in a forum post.

    SECTION A Resize an image in Windows paint.

    Large images need to be resized before posting on a web page.

    Ideal size max of around 640 X 450 fits most monitors.

    There are many programs which resize images, Windows paint is good.

    The path up to Windows7 to locate Paint:

    Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint.

    The path in Windows 10 to locate Paint:

    Windows Icon > All Apps > Scroll down to “W” > Windows Accessories > Paint.

    Here is a quick Video “How to resize an image in Windows Paint”

    SECTION B Insert the resized image in a forum post.

    Find the resized image on your Computer and click the "Open" button at the bottom.
    Wait for a moment and the below option will appear below your forum reply post.


    If inserting your resized image from Photobucket or other outside media, disregard Section "B"

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