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Bitlocker questions

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Eric B., Feb 13, 2023.

  1. Eric B.

    Eric B.

    Feb 13, 2023
    Operating System:
    Windows 10
    My Surface Pro Laptop which runs on Windows 10 was working fine. I closed it and later when I opened it up it would not run.

    I eventually made a USB drive with Windows 10 backup files and followed the instructions I found online on how to restart the computer.

    It asked for the Key Code ID which I found at my Microsoft account and entered that.

    I thought everything would then work. I had to use the Command prompt to enter commands, but, then Bitlocker asked for a password.

    This is where I am very confused. I entered my laptop's password and it didn't work.

    I tried to find out what password exactly it was looking for. Some sites called the key code ID the password and another claimed that it was the same as my online Microsoft Account password, which I tried and which didn't work. Another website said it would be the original Microsoft password when the account was started so if the password had changed you'd have to go back to the original. I tried a bunch of my old passwords after that (I didn't remember off hand what the original password was) and none of them worked.

    I worried that there might be a limit on how many password attempts I could make and stopped.

    I tried to get some clarity from the Microsoft forum which didn't answer my questions and basically suggested deleting everything and reinstalling Windows 10.

    So basically, my question is about the password. I don't recall making a specific password for BitLocker as I never even heard of it until it blocked me from restarting my computer.

    Is it the same as the laptop password?

    Is it the same as the Microsoft Account password either the latest or the original?

    Is it an all numbers pin type password?

    How many password tries can I enter? Is there a limit?
  2. Tony D

    Tony D Administrator Administrator

    Sep 25, 2009
    SE Pennsylvania, USA
    Operating System:
    Windows XP Professional
    Hello and welcome Eric, Sounds like you may have used BitLocker to encrypt your hard drive. The key is different from your Microsoft password. It will contain 48 digits. It may have been stored on a USB drive somewhere.

    That's about all I can tell you because on this site we don't provide guidance for cracking passwords.

    Good luck. If you do encrypt your hard drive, I suggest you make unencrypted backups of your data.
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